About Balochistan Sustainable Development Society

Since 1998, we are improving the living standards of the underprivileged communities.

Baluchistan Sustainable Development Society was established with an aim to facilitate, collaborate and cooperate with the organizations working in Baluchistan to strengthen the partnership, ensure the rights of Women & Children and other vulnerable groups, promotion of education and health facilities and to promote and introduce the right based approaches and provide care and treatment services to people living with HIV & AIDS and for the empowerment of the vulnerable/marginalized/poor.

Baluchistan Sustainable Development Society (BSDS) is registered as an NGO UNDER THE Volunteer Social Welfare Agency Ordinance 1961. The main areas of work of the BSDS are Health, Education, Disaster management, Rights of Women & Children and poverty reduction.


BSDS is guided by a vision of a society where poorest of the poor, marginalized, socially excluded and never reachable are empowered to overcome their miseries, poverty, social, political and economic burdens and enjoy equal human rights and opportunities to lead a life of dignity and self-dimensional vision. BSDS as an NGO may not be the sole remedial force; it would need to pursue strengthening of intra-organizational capacities through partnerships, alliances, advocacy and program cooperation at operational as well as levels.


To create an enabling environment for the marginalized and disadvantaged communities where everyone has free access to the resources and can exercise their rights freely in all field of life by empowering them through self-identification of their skills and potentials.


Enabling environment where everyone can exercise his/her rights.


To improve the living standard of disadvantaged communities of Pakistan

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